Mobile Task Management

Using the latest mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets, VTTV is implementing critical task management as a strict quality control regime that will reduce clients’ operating costs and increase their production tally. Mobile Task Management (MTM) enables real-time information to be sent between the workplace and the boardroom instantly, allowing for a healthier, safer, and more productive workforce, and resultantly, a more compliant, transparent, and efficient operation.

The ‘MTM Work Buddy’ allows each employee with a mobile device to have access to daily, on-the-job training and step-for-step guidance through each critical procedure in his or her work environment.

The MTM application goes a step further by allowing our clients to harness the information around them and use it proactively to improve the management of their work processes, optimise their operations and increase their productivity. For the first time, every employee’s work actions are recorded live and translated immediately into operational data that drives daily automation and establishes a trusted rhythm and routine. This information is communicated across all management levels from ground zero right the way up to the board room, and is demonstrated on an interactive dashboard which allows for effective incident management and the efficient delegation of tasks.


Mobile Task Management is a tool used to ensure that manufacturer specification maintenance and repairs are undertaken. The employee will receive a step-by-step video on the maintenance steps to be used when repairing equipment. As part of this process the user will acknowledge that he/she has completed each step of the process. This guarantees the employer that all equipment is repaired according to manufacturer specification, which will inevitably save on downtime due to incorrect repairs, ensuring that equipment will function at full capacity and improve the profits of the company.

  • - The worker will access the network using a smart phone or tablet
  • - He/she will then be presented with an icon-based interface with which to navigate the specific procedures he/she has access to. The access that workers will have will be based on his/her roles and responsibilities.
  • - The procedure is presented to the worker on the smart phone or tablet as an interactive checklist of tasks. They are then prompted to do and confirm specific steps, supported by explanatory visual and text-based procedural steps.
  • - This ensures that critical tasks and procedures are executed effectively and completed according to protocol.



Critical Task Management
MTM will provide employers with the means to establish a strict regime of how every critical task must be executed.

Improved Quality
It will enforce quality control on every critical task to be performed.

Continues on the job training
Training manuals and procedure guides can now be taken into the workplace.

Maintenance cost reduction
Continuous quality control will reduce maintenance costs in the long run. It will ensure fewer breakdowns and therefore higher production.

Better work performance
Continuous critical task management will result in reduced disciplinary action. This will reduce the coming and going of staff and maintain a workforce with a higher degree of experience.

Peace of mind for line management
MTM will provide an unparalleled level of peace of mind for line management, general managers, directors and owners of mining operations. This is because MTM enables real-time business and operational insight at their fingertips.