Mining for Jobs

Mining for Jobs will become the first private company that will provide more jobs for the unemployed than any of the large business entities in South Africa.

Unemployed people are provided with the necessary basic skills, through the utilisation of the following VTTV training platforms:

  • - Hospitality Management
  • - General Engineering Toolman assistant
  • - Compliance B

Mining for jobs also assists these students to enter the workforce, and to contribute to the formal employment sector, by providing them with jobs in or near their immediate community.

Funds are allocated by companies for Corporate Social Investment and Local Economic Development Projects to develop and train unemployed people in their surrounding communities. Some of these companies include African Rainbow Minerals, ASA Metals and various other large groups.

During 2010 Mining for Jobs trained and secured jobs for 700 students within the hospitality sector. Out of the 700 students 50% are still employed. This acts as proof that Mining for Jobs’ training and placement model is exceedingly successful.

Furthermore, students who have received training constantly request for more training to develop a broader range of portable skills. Clearly this revolutionary skills development project has a positive ripple effect from the individual student and their immediate family, to the quality of life improvement of the greater community.

Mining for Jobs’ target for 2011 is to provide 10 000 people with portable skills and jobs to ultimately make a genuine difference in the lives of many South Africans.


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how it works

The Community
The local greater community have the opportunity to receive free training and portable skills. After the completion of the training they will be provided with a job.

The Employer
Employers who are involved with the community now gain community members who are trained in certain portable skills, and who can be provided with jobs. This gives the employer the ability to measure their real contribution to their Corporate Social Investment by tracking the progress of all the community members who were enrolled in the training program.

The Individual
Individuals are the most visible beneficiaries in our Job Creation Program as they receive gainful employment. The individual is the person who benefits most from this program as they gain new valuable portable skills. This allows for the person to become a mobile worker. He/she now has the ability to fulfil a need for a specific skill elsewhere in their local economy.