Incentivised Learning

VTTV has formulated a unique training platform called Incentivised Learning. Registered learners are rewarded with airtime, internet data bundles or vouchers on their cell phones after taking the time to complete training modules. The learner’s training activity is logged into the training platform's database and contributes towards his/her training record.

This training solution can be used to incentivise staff or members from the surrounding community for completing training. Some of our clients use this training solution as part of their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects, where they provide members from their surrounding communities with the opportunity to receive free training that has the bonus of a reward. This acts as motivation for learners to participate in the acquisition of new skills.

This training platform can be applied by means of online computer-based training, visual training kiosks, as well as over mobile device. The visual training kiosk is a touch screen device that operates with an icon-based interface.

Incentivised Learning is highly effective for health and safety, skills refresher training, and important communications.



Get Airtime for Learning
Learners are rewarded for participating in the training experience. They are rewarded with airtime that is sent directly to their cell phone after completing training modules. This acts as an effective incentive for learners to conduct training and acquire new portable skills.

Portable Skills
Staff, employess and even uneducated community members can learn and develop a wider range of skills. These skills can then be transferred to other situations.

Promotional Tool
The company can use the programme for promotion purposes.

Self-paced learning
Employees can undergo training in their own time and at their own pace, and they are rewarded for it.

Visual job rotation
Staff can now learn how things work in other departments; a form of visualised job rotation.

Recruitment tool
Companies can also use this for recruitment and placement purposes of members within the company's greater community. When entry level positions become available, community members with potential can be identified and recruited for the vacancy.