I just want to thank everybody at VTTV for training people in our country [with] skills they require to create their own future in South Africa."
Johan Coertse
We feel this [is] a great initiative to train previously disadvantaged individuals and prepare them for a career in the hospitality industry.
Jolize de Villiers
Thank you for the efficient training of staff I have employed in the position of room attendance. It takes a lot off my shoulders to employ trained staff.  I am satisfied and therefore I also applied for waiters  to join my team at the restaurant. I do believe this training will become very successful and people will  make use of it more and more."
Anita Minnaar
[I] would like to express my great sincere gratitude to this wonderful initiative. Truly speaking VTTV has the right plan for community and skills development. With this I mean, people are being afforded a rare but great opportunity."
Nobert Nyamukapa

training facts

VTTV’s training platforms are server or cloud-based solutions that support:

    • -Self-paced individual training and assessment
    • -Group-based training and individual assessment
    • -On-the-job training
    • -Real time understanding of work or equipment

The training platforms ensure consistent quality training as each learner will receive the same clear information at every training session.

  • The Visual Training TV Learning Management System (VTTV LMS) allows quick and effective training of learners through the utilisation of:

    • Pre-assessment: Measures that which a person already knows. The platform is designed in such a way to keep learners from training on the aspects they have already mastered. This saves on training time and allows the learner to return to work much sooner.

    • Self-paced individual learning: Learners will view the visual platform in their own time and at their own pace.


    • Post-assessment: The learner must score a 100% to be declared competent to return to work. Detailed training reports can be obtained depicting the exact training a person received throughout their career at the company.

    This training platform assists facilitators to focus on the individual:

    • -Track training progress and identify issues
    • -Spend more time on practical examples


    The Mobile Task Management (MTM) Work Buddy takes this cloud-based solution to the workplace by allowing employees to train on-site, accessing the information and the refresher training when they need it most: then and there.